Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nutrition is NOT a Religion!

We just wrapped up our New Year's Weight Loss, Health & Wellness Challenge!  It was awesome to see all the positive changes people made in adopting new, healthier habits.  The goal of our program is to make sensible, sustainable changes.  During the Challenge I did weekly webinars on the steps of our program.  I wanted to share the nutrition part in hopes that you will understand the basics of nutrition.  I hope you will enjoy...
We are currently ramping up for our TERRIOFit Active Summer Challenge!  A 12 Week Comprehensive wellness program.  We assure that everyone is given the appropriate level of workout regardless of their starting point.  With my background as a physical therapist, athletic trainer and strength & conditioning specialist we have the knowledge to help everyone from those with medical issues/injuries, or who have been sedentary for long periods to those who are already at a high level but want to take it to the next level with a medical professional.   The most important thing is that we are not a 'Gym', we are a Therapeutic Health & Wellness Center.  All of our programs are under constant supervision.  We do not have an 'open' format where people come in and do their own thing.  We maintain a professional environment, free of judgment and intimidation.  Check us out at  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The One belief that kills most attempts to get healthy

Several weeks ago we started our TERRIOFit Weight Loss, Health and Wellness Challenge.  Today during my weekly webinar with those in the program we covered something that I absolutely know needs to be shared.  There is so much talk about the need to improve people's Health.  On Saturday, my new nonprofit, 'Health Through Wholeness' hosted "Pathways to a Healthy Heart" and over 100 people were able to hear from the top cardiologists, internal medicine physicians, psychologists, a priest and a registered dietician about the need to get healthy through increased activity and improved nutrition.  I believe that true wellness requires not only physical but also mental, emotional and spiritual health and our panel of speakers reflected that.  After listening to all these experts speak and then doing the webinar today, it became clear that I need to share this portion with as many people as possible.  One of the missions of my new nonprofit is to shine light on misinformation, myths and fallacies.  I believe that this is the biggest single reason that kills most peoples attempts to become physically healthy. 

I know this saying "No Pain=No Gain" is etched in stone for the hard core fitness fanatics out there.  If you are a hard core exerciser and you have your routine, great, good for you, keep doing what you're doing until it doesn't work. BUT for the person who has been injured, ill or just sedentary for a long time then this is a recipe for disaster.  If you do not follow this simple first rule of conditioning the rest of them won't matter.  You will end up injured either physically or demotivated mentally.  Once you understand this first principle then you are ready to move on to the others.  Getting healthy is a journey, not a sprint.  As we say at TERRIO, the first step is to Get Informed. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finding the Right Weight Loss, Health and Exercise Program for you.

The endless parade of weight loss potions and programs can be confusing.  Promises of fast and easy weight loss without exercise or changing diets.  How do you make sense of all of it?  Start with an understanding of the principles of exercise and conditioning and the effect of exercise/activity on the human body. 

With the failure rate of diets, it's time for something new!

Welcome to the TERRIOFit Weight Loss, Health and Wellness Challenge!  There are some key principles of the program that I'd like to get you acquainted with.  These are part of the introductory webinar.  We'll lay out the key principles and then each week we'll be expanding the information to help you on your journey! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

95% of New Year's Resolutions Fail! It's time for a change!

The TERRIOFit Weight Loss, Health &Wellness New Year’s Challenge!  Our program will bring you PEACE of mind. 
Participation-Our program encourages participation in a fun, non-intimidating, non-judgmental environment.  We are not a gym we are a Therapeutic Fitness Center, but don’t worry you will still get a great workout.

Evaluation-our proprietary fitness test (Terrio Endurance & Strength Test) will determine the appropriate starting point for your current fitness level.   Our metabolic testing shows us your metabolic rate and the right meal plan for you to reach your goals.

Accountability-We actually want you to show up and will encourage you through your journey.  We will retest during the program to show you the progress you are making.

Connection-Our small group training lead by your Wellness Coach is a fun and interactive format where you will learn the proper techniques of exercise and conditioning. 

Education-From the book, the Healthy Family Evolution and workbook to the webinars and seminar you will learn about Health and Wellness from a variety of medical professionals. 

The 12 Week TERRIOFit Challenge is designed to help you on your journey to Weight Loss, Health & Wellness regardless of where you are starting.  Our comprehensive program includes all the evaluations, training 2 or 3 times a week under the supervision of a Wellness Coach, Meal Plans designed by Registered Dieticians and education from medical professionals all for less than $30 per week.  You will also be in the running for our grand prize of $1,500 Travel Voucher from Uniglobe Travel. 

If you are ready for a sensible, sustainable program that is scientifically based, created by medical professionals call us today (661)410-3343 to reserve your spot!  more info at

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95 % of New Year's Resolutions Fail! Is 2015 time for you to start a different approach to weight loss, health, and wellness?
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