Monday, September 29, 2014

Bad guy grabs you! Are you ready?

While I believe that there is still a lot of good in this world created by great people who sacrifice to help others, I am not blind to the evil that seems to be ever present.  As the old saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"  Let's add protecting yourself and your family to the long list of reasons that we need to get and stay healthy.  Improved endurance, strength and speed will give us a better opportunity to defend ourselves and those we love.  Recently, I was introduced to a new form of self defense.  Last weekend we held a demonstration of this new theory of self defense.  As I watched the demonstration and participated in learning some basic techniques I really enjoyed the blending of different martial arts techniques combined with understanding your own mental outlook and that of potential aggressors.  It is a sad reality that predators seek out the week to be their victims, thus the way to prevent becoming a victim is to become strong physically and mentally.  After the demonstration, I think there is one more element to add and that is prepare by learning these specific techniques. 

TERRIO Therapy will be offering an 8 Week Self Defense Class meeting once per week.  If you are not in the Bakersfield area, I would recommend seeking out similar classes.   I think this is a great course for everyone.  Hopefully you will never have to use any of the techniques taught in this class but if a bad situation ever arises at least you will have some skill to call upon.  Call (661)410-3343 to register for the upcoming class. 

Elias Larimer, Instructor  (in the black gi)
Following his strong passion for martial arts, Elias has earned a Blackbelt in both Karate and Jujitsu.  Larimer has been a dedicated student of various forms of martial arts for many years and has moved into teaching over the last couple years.  He enjoys sharing his love of the arts and what he has learned.
Larimer is a proud member of a newly developing association called International Combat Arts.

This style centers on real life scenarios, and is based on concrete scientific principles.  Students will build a strong foundation of movement, improved understanding of the human body and mind both of themselves and any potential aggressor.  Classes will be small to assure safety and constant feedback as skills are developed and refined. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


In 2007 I saw a program about a baseball league for children with disabilities.  I have been blessed with three amazing kids and I have enjoyed coaching and watching them play sports.   I asked my pediatric staff at TERRIOkids why we didn't have a league like that in Bakersfield and they said because no one has ever started it.  Six weeks later we launched our first baseball season, now eight years later here is what the league has become and where we want to go.  It's amazing what happens when a dream is put into action and then you get passionate people behind it.  The League is supported by generous community sponsors, incredible volunteers and amazing families.  The future is bright!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We're killing our children!

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – Obesity Runs in Families — Mom You’re the Key!

Overweight children and teens are likely to grow up to be fat adults where they can expect to die four or five years sooner, get sick 76% more often, have fewer and less-satisfying relationships and earn less money. Fitness expert Tim Terrio explains why it makes sense to get the whole family in shape together and why you moms hold the key. Mom (and dad), tune in to learn how to transform your own body at the same time you inspire offspring to a lifetime of healthy eating and an active, high-energy life-style far beyond texting and video games. Weight-loss expert Linda Spangle outlines how to get your diet back on track after a summer of outdoor barbeques, state-fair pig-outs and high-calorie meals while on vacation.
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Who in the Hell is that? Oh, its me!

My Story:  Who in the hell is that?

You never know you are sleeping until you are suddenly jolted out of a peaceful slumber and that is exactly what happened to me.  For me it was a picture of a family vacation.  I remember looking at the picture thinking ‘who in the hell is that’!  I mean it looked like me but it must be a bad camera angle or something.  I’m not that fat.  Sure, I had gained a few pounds but…I sat there for a minute wondering if this is how the rest of the world sees me?  Am I the only one who didn’t notice?  How could I have not seen it before? 

in·sid·i·ous adjective \in-ˈsi-dē-əs\ Causing harm in a way that is gradual or not easily noticed.  Insidious is the perfect word to describe the slow creep of our weight.  We don’t become fat overnight.  It’s not like the scene in the Nutty Professor were we suddenly blow up.  It is the gradual increases that goes unnoticed but make no mistake it is causing harm.  As our weight goes up so does the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.  I’m a medical professional and know all the facts and yet somehow I had been lulled into a health slumber and did not notice the increase.  I had all the excuses.  I was busy with work, and coaching my kids, and being involved in other groups and events.  But, the truth was that I had simply not been paying attention.  Suddenly faced with the reality, I realized I had two choices.  To either continue on the path that had gotten me here or begin a new journey to where I wanted to go.  My thoughts went immediately to finding a quick fix to losing weight something fast and easy.  The problem was that through all of my years of education, the one thing that was constant was that there isn’t a quick, easy solution.  It had taken years for the insidious increase to get to this point and it would be a long journey to get to where I wanted to be.  If there was a secret, then you can bet I would have used it to teleport me to where I wanted to be. 

The first step of the journey is to make you a priority and that starts with valuing your time.  Once I found the time the next step was to follow the rules of conditioning to make sure injury wouldn’t short circuit my efforts.  It is a journey but you need to make sure you are on the right path. 
If you have been awoken out of your slumber and If you are ready for a change, join the Healthy Family Challenge!  More information at