Friday, February 3, 2017

Is it God's fault?

Enough is enough, I can’t take any more!

Exhausted and angry, my knees hit the floor!

Looking to heaven, how can this be?

Is this really the life you’ve chosen for me?

Everyone else it seems, has an easier path.

What did I do so wrong to deserve your wrath?

I sat there in silence, waiting a reply

Why won’t you answer, was my next cry

It seemed like forever, then a small voice

Oh, my child, all of this, was never my choice

It hurts me so much to see you suffer so,

There is so much that I need you to know.

Where you are in life’s journey, isn’t from me

Let’s look how you got here, then maybe you’ll see

Let there be life, I gave the decree!

But I also decided that your will would be free.

Since Adam and Eve, and to this day it is so

I gave you life, some talents, and let you grow.

Talents? What Talents? This just isn’t fair

Everyone else got them all and you don’t even care!!

My child sometimes its difficulty to see

What’s from the world and what is from me,

Everyone starts life’s journey, exactly the same way,

With a blank canvas, added to day by day.

When you are little, others must teach you

Names of everything and of course lots of rules.

This education is important to help you start to grow

Names, places and faces they all start to flow.

The adults in your life shape your early years

You learn what they like, what they don’t, what they fear!

Can you remember, when you were small?

The dreams that you had, no worries at all.

Talking with friends, the path was so clear,

All the things you would do in the coming years!

A Doctor, a lawyer, fireman or a vet

Everything was possible, success a sure bet!

You’d live in a big house, down by the sea

Or up in the mountains surrounded by trees.

No doubt you’d create the life that you dreamed,

It was all for the taking, at least that’s how it seemed.

Then the people in your life started teaching something new,

All the opinions and expectations, they had for you.

You’re athletic, artistic, brilliant or smart

Some labels and opinions sound great from the start.

But some labels can also cause damage and pain,

You’re clumsy, or stupid, how much weight have you gained?!

Some people are kind, while others are not

They throw labels on our canvas, with very little thought

Our canvas fills up with the good and the bad,

With good memories and also those that are sad.

Along come teachers, coaches and friends

With more opinions, labels, it all starts to blend

Somewhere along the journey, you added labels too

You came up with what, you thought about you       

I’m pretty! I’m Ugly! I’m Stupid! I’m Smart!

I’m athletic, NO, I’m fat and no good at art!

So many opinions, labels, stories and fears,

Our life canvas gets messy throughout the years!

It can get real confusing trying to figure it out

There are times where it seems you have nothing but doubts!

Where is it all going? You want to know why?

Sometimes you fail no matter how hard you try?

The journey of life has lots of twists and turns

Sometimes you win, sometimes you get burned!

Whether it’s been easy or miserable beyond compare

Everyone reaches the point and finally becomes aware

Your life is a painting that started long before you knew

And one that can only be completed by you!

Everyone has to decide what they will do,

With your life painting that’s been handed to you!

Do you leave it, as you got it, add nothing new?

Or do you take up the challenge to see it through?

Remember the Parable of the Talents, I told long ago?

The Master gave the servants talents, and let them go.

Two doubled what they were given, then when the Master returned

They received praise for what they had earned!

The third one was afraid and buried what he had

He thought he was safe, but the Master was mad!

The amount of talents didn’t matter, one, ten or a few.

The question was simple “what did you do with what I gave you?”

You still have the choice to this very day

Do you maximize your talents or bury them away?

So what is the answer?  I said in disbelief

I asked for your help!  Some kind of relief!

Sometimes the answers aren’t simple or what we want to hear

Life is a journey and the end isn’t near.

You can hold on to the resentment, bitterness and strife,

Or you can pick up the brush and work on your life!

The past is the past, what’s done is done

You have to crawl, before you can walk or run!

The state of your life painting has little to do

With the life that’s still in front of you!

You can decide today to start making some changes

Moving toward your dreams takes rearranging!

The possibilities are still endless, just like when you were a child,

Start dreaming again, let your imagination go wild

Add color to your life by learning, let the ideas flow

Nurture your talents and watch them grow!

I’ve always been here and always will be

But where you end up won’t be because of me!