Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The One belief that kills most attempts to get healthy

Several weeks ago we started our TERRIOFit Weight Loss, Health and Wellness Challenge.  Today during my weekly webinar with those in the program we covered something that I absolutely know needs to be shared.  There is so much talk about the need to improve people's Health.  On Saturday, my new nonprofit, 'Health Through Wholeness' hosted "Pathways to a Healthy Heart" and over 100 people were able to hear from the top cardiologists, internal medicine physicians, psychologists, a priest and a registered dietician about the need to get healthy through increased activity and improved nutrition.  I believe that true wellness requires not only physical but also mental, emotional and spiritual health and our panel of speakers reflected that.  After listening to all these experts speak and then doing the webinar today, it became clear that I need to share this portion with as many people as possible.  One of the missions of my new nonprofit is to shine light on misinformation, myths and fallacies.  I believe that this is the biggest single reason that kills most peoples attempts to become physically healthy. 

I know this saying "No Pain=No Gain" is etched in stone for the hard core fitness fanatics out there.  If you are a hard core exerciser and you have your routine, great, good for you, keep doing what you're doing until it doesn't work. BUT for the person who has been injured, ill or just sedentary for a long time then this is a recipe for disaster.  If you do not follow this simple first rule of conditioning the rest of them won't matter.  You will end up injured either physically or demotivated mentally.  Once you understand this first principle then you are ready to move on to the others.  Getting healthy is a journey, not a sprint.  As we say at TERRIO, the first step is to Get Informed.