Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nutrition is NOT a Religion!

We just wrapped up our New Year's Weight Loss, Health & Wellness Challenge!  It was awesome to see all the positive changes people made in adopting new, healthier habits.  The goal of our program is to make sensible, sustainable changes.  During the Challenge I did weekly webinars on the steps of our program.  I wanted to share the nutrition part in hopes that you will understand the basics of nutrition.  I hope you will enjoy...
We are currently ramping up for our TERRIOFit Active Summer Challenge!  A 12 Week Comprehensive wellness program.  We assure that everyone is given the appropriate level of workout regardless of their starting point.  With my background as a physical therapist, athletic trainer and strength & conditioning specialist we have the knowledge to help everyone from those with medical issues/injuries, or who have been sedentary for long periods to those who are already at a high level but want to take it to the next level with a medical professional.   The most important thing is that we are not a 'Gym', we are a Therapeutic Health & Wellness Center.  All of our programs are under constant supervision.  We do not have an 'open' format where people come in and do their own thing.  We maintain a professional environment, free of judgment and intimidation.  Check us out at  

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