Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Secret to Miraculous Weightloss...

Twas the morning of Christmas, still lying in my bed
Thoughts of my wish played in my head.
I simply asked to be skinny, how hard could that be
Come on St. Nicholas grant this for me.

The children all still sleeping was something new
But, teenagers like their sleep that much is true
Time to get up, wipe the sleep from my eyes
I’ll get up early to check, see if I got my surprise.

Stepping out of bed to the ground my pants fell
Confused for a minute, I thought ‘what the hell’?
Embarrassed I scrambled to pull them back on
I ran to the bathroom to check on this con.

I flipped on the lights and looked in the mirror
And what to my wondering eyes did appear?
My gut was gone!  A six pack in its place!!
A completely new body but still the same face.

Confused I stepped back noticing even more
Pec’s, Delt’s, Bi’s & Tri’s, I had muscles galore.
Chiseled and toned but this must be some trick
Then it dawned on me, No, it was St. Nick!

My wish he had granted!  The new skinny me!
I was a spectacle, something to see!
It happened without diets, exercise or sweat!
How simple was that, no fuss, no fret!!

I screamed so loud, I awoke everyone
I wanted them all to come on the run.
They all came running as I flexed and I posed
In their shock at the sight they just simple froze.

How? What? When? They all sputtered at one time.
It’s a Christmas miracle was my chime.
Crank up the Facebook, text and Snap Chat,
It’s time to tell the world I’m no longer Fat!!

I can’t wait to hear all the Ooo’s and the Awes.
Now get me a belt so I can hold up my drawers.
Here’s a shirt, said my son holding one up for me,
Cover this body up?  Son you must be crazy!

Of all the solutions, I’ve tried in the past
All the ‘magical’ programs, pills, potions and the fasts.
No reason for discipline, exercise or diets
The simplest solution, I asked Santa and I got it!!

They all rushed to hug me and join in my glee
Finally free from the body that had always cursed me!
Falling on the bed we all laughed and screamed,
Then my wife was shaking me, “you’re having a dream”

“Oh NO!” I screamed and jumped out of bed
My wife thought I was crazy, my face filled with dread.
I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror
My old body was back just as I feared!

I sprinted to the door there still was a chance
I had to catch Santa, there he was, I caught his glance.
Santa “What gives!” that’s not very nice.
Come on, make me skinny, I’ll pay any price.

“My son” he said as he turned toward me
“Your wish is not mine to give, can’t you see?
Only you can make that happen” he replied in a soft voice
“It’s all comes down to your daily choice.”

“Oh, I wish I could grant it, I really do
But it’s not something anyone has the power to give you.
It takes time to gain weight by the habits you choose,
And it takes changing those habits for you to truly lose.”

“Avoid all the nonsense, the fads and the tricks.
If you push too hard you’re sure to get sick.
Listen to me for you know that it’s true
Life is not a sprint, it's a journey and I'm rooting for you.”

He was gone in a flash and I walked through our door,
My family concerned by the expression I wore.
“Is something wrong Dad, are you Ok?” Was their plea?
I need to get health and I now know, it’s all up to me!!

Just like Santa, I wish there was a miraculous formula or a wish that I could give all of those who need to lose weight but the truth as Santa revealed is that it's all up to us as individuals.  As the old adage hold true, "if something seems to good to be true, then it probably is."   The not so simple truth is that the only real method of sustainable weight loss and improved health comes from changing our daily behaviors.  You need a complete plan that involves coming to grips with the baggage from the past and then planning out the new direction for your life journey. It all starts with you taking 100% responsibility for your decisions.  That is the reason I wrote "Life Pioneers" to share what I've learned on my journey so far and hopefully help others explore the possibility their lives hold.  I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Years and safe travels on your life journey!!  

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