Sunday, March 20, 2016

The "Real" Story of Life!

Ever since I wrote Life Pioneers and ended it with the analogy of life being a painting I've wanted to carryout the idea.  I've talked to a few artists about the idea but it never went anywhere.  Then I was asked to speak at Q Commons and I prayed about what I should talk about.  A couple nights later I woke up with an answer.  A vivid picture of what I needed to do.  So here is my attempt to bring to life the thought I received...

We all start out wanting our lives to work and our dreams to come true.  The world is full of critics, cynics, and those who through around stereotypes.  Sadly, we all must face bullies in our lives, those who want to tear us down.  But remember, it's your master piece to complete and we aren't the only ones who were not treated well. 

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