Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Here's to all the Giants in our lives...

A Giant of a Man

A giant of a man stood before me,

I trembled in fear for I a child of three.

But this Giant seemed different than others I had seen

He wasn’t really scary, not the slightest bit mean.


This Giant a constant, through my childhood,

A calming presence, bringing only good.

A Tenderness in this giant I found,

For a growing sprout, I found solid ground.


A giant of a man stood before me,

Hard work he said you will find is the key.

Two dollars to pile wood shaped like stakes?

I’d have done it for free, for goodness sake.


This Giant worked with me side by side,

To keep up this Giant, Oh how I tried.

But his energy level it never decreased,

The man never slowed down, he worked like a beast.


A Giant of a man stood before me,

But I am now a man of thirteen, surely he must see.

I put out my hand, for my strength I would show.

His grip buckled my knees; how could it be so?


This Giant showed me many a skill,

 And I the young pupil wanted my fill.

I thought Giant’s educations were limited so,

And yet how he made my knowledge of the world grow


I returned from college to visit the giant,

In respect I came, there was no defiance.

Where is the giant, his presence I ask? 

And out came my Grandpa, age was his mask.


A Giant of a man stood before me,

Elderly, yes, but his presence still dwarfed me.

This giant of a man, never afraid of the day,

Work must be done; it’s the only way.


Where is the Giant, his advice I now seek?

A man I have become of a child so meek.

Stature decreased and time has slowed his pace,

With a Giant of a man I now stand face to face.


A Giant of a man, once stood before me,

I welcome the giant, but how can it be?

The giants now my size in stature you see.

But in my mind a giant he will always be.


The call I received that the Giant is gone,

It cannot be true, you must be wrong.

No, it is true, even Giants must go

Even out of giants the life force must flow.


How I loved the Giant, but the words were not there,

God, please tell him I loved him; it just wasn’t fair.

I didn’t tell him in person, and sorry am I,

Alone with my thoughts, and the tears that I cry.


Grandpa, I’ll miss you, how can this be?

The family I’ve raised you won’t get to see.

In strength and honor I grow your family tree,

For a giant of a man once stood before me. 

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