Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5 Best Ways to Decrease Athletic Success!!

As fall sports are starting, I was talking to a good friend of mine (Fred Smith), who happens to be a Certified Athletic Trainer with 30+ years of experience.  He came up with this list and I contributed to it.  We actually see this over and over.  I felt it was so true, I had to share. 

5 Best Ways to
Decrease your Athletic Success &
Irritate Coaches & Athletic Trainers

1.        Become weak or dizzy in practice.  Cause: Lack of eating or fluids.

A.     The human body needs energy to properly function.  We get this energy from eating food.  Just like you can’t run your car without gas you can’t run your body without food.  Skipping meals means you’re running on empty!!

B.    You don’t get energy from water, but if you don’t have water you don’t have energy.

C.    The fastest way to ensure poor performance is to not drink enough water.

D.    5 Keys to staying healthy:  1) Eat good 2) Drink plenty of fluids 3) Get plenty of rest

                                             4) Train hard 5) Follow advice of athletic trainers

2.       Not correcting problems found in preliminary screens.

A.    Medical Staff do screens to identify potential problems and give a programs to correct them.  By not doing the program you are increasing your chance of getting injured.  So, A few weeks later you show up with an injury that keeps you out of practice related to it.

B.    Hint:  We actually write down the findings and programs in your file and the first question you will be asked is have you been doing your corrective exercises.

3.       Rehab until allowed to return to practice, then discontinuing rehab.

A.    It’s important to continue your rehab until your weakness becomes a strength.

B.    Athletes that stop rehab too soon are more likely to get reinjured. (this means you will miss more time)

4.       Not telling us about problems early and waiting until problem is bad.

Athletes come in with bad problems that started as a small problem and when asked why they did not come in earlier, they say, “I didn’t think it was that bad.” or “I thought it would go away.”  The trainers are actually medical professionals who are paid to determine the severity of injuries.  Waiting until it is bad means longer recovery (more missed time)

5.       Not informing us ASAP after a head injury (concussion).

Like all other injuries concussions need the right treatment to assure full recovery. 

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