Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Fat Suit Challenge!

Does gaining 30 lbs. of weight really effect our ability to move that much?  Since it is impossible for people to experience a 30 lbs. weight loss we created a "Fat Suit" to simulate what gaining 30 lbs. might feel like.  The problem with weight gain is that it is slow and insidious so we don't notice the changes.  Check out the videos and see what a difference 30 lbs. makes in how well these two 50 year olds can move. 
We are currently taking on new clients for our Healthy Family Evolution Program with the goal of improving the health and wellness of the entire family.  We have programs for Moms, Dads, Athletes and kids.  This summer evolve into a Healthy Family.  More information at  Learn to work Smarter, NOT Harder.  Sensible, Scientific approach to long term Health and Wellness.   Or come by the Rosedale Facility and take the Fat Suit Challenge for yourself!

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