Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Are you suffering from CRS? Only you can help stop it...

There is a growing epidemic in America, no not Obesity (although that is still a growing problem-literally).  This new epidemic is a spin off of the 'Age of Distraction' and it's called CRS, Can't Remember Stuff (or the adult term $H!T).  What are the signs and symptoms of this insidious epidemic?  Here are a few key questions:
  1. Do you often walk into a room, only to realize you have no idea what you walked into the room for?
  2. Do you open the fridge only to stand there mindlessly trying to remember what you were going to get out?
  3. Do start to look up some information for work only to realize you've just spent 30 minutes watching the latest video of baby's laughing or animals playing or "hey, check out this stupid human trick."  Only to then wonder, "what was I looking for in the first place?"
  4. Who moved my keys, I know they were right here?
  5. Do you go to the grocery store for a couple things only to return with several items and then realize you didn't get the things you originally went for?
If you answered any of these yes (or all of them), or if you have already forgotten the overall theme of this blog then you probably have CRS.  Before you switch over to Facebook to see what is happening or click over to check instagram, pintrest, twitter, snap chat, etc., etc., etc., check out these Seven Steps to improving your memory.  Last night I heard a presentation from Ron White (not the comedian but a memory expert) and these were his major points to improving your memory.  Drumroll Please...
  1. Increase your exercise and activity level (I swear I'm not making this up) increasing your exercise and activity level has been shown to improve mental functioning. 
  2. Better nutrition.  This guy is a genius!  Yes, this has also been shown in research.  Foods heavy in antioxidants can improve mental functioning, so can dark chocolate (just watch the added sugar on this one)
  3. Focus-Why do we have a hard time remembering peoples names?  Its because most of the time we aren't even paying attention when they say it.  In this "age of distraction" and constantly being entertained by our 'smart' devices it's no wonder we are seeing increases in CRS. 
  4. File-Utilize a mental filing system to organize our mental lists or thoughts. 
  5. Picture-associate a picture with what you are trying to remember and it improves retention.  The more of your senses you utilize the stronger the retention.
  6. Glue-stick the thing you are trying to remember together with the file and the picture
  7. Review-repetition is the key to improving memory, the more you review the stronger the memory will be. 
So, does it actually work?  Yes, like anything it takes practice but Ron was able to remember a 50 digit unique number forward and backward utilizing his system.  Memory Improvement Training - How to Videos - YouTube  Here is a link to one of his You Tube videos, just don't get lost in there for several hours. 

I think the real take home for me from this presentation were that first and foremost it is another area that improves with increased activity and better nutrition and second that we can improve any skill with a system and practice.  Don't allow poor health and 'Distraction' to make you a CRS sufferer any longer.   Put down the smart phone and walk away, Literally and go for a walk, then continue to increase your activity, feed your body the nutrients it needs to perform at its peak,  Mix in some fruits and vegetables and give your mind a break from the constant stimulation of the 'Age of Distraction' you just might realize there are people around you that you can focus on or maybe even improving yourself.  Good Luck out there. 

If you need help setting up your plan start by reading Life Pioneers and then call us at TERRIO Therapy to get going.  We are here to help you Get Informed.  Get Moving. and most importantly to GET BETTER! 

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