Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's time

After 25+ years in the fields of physical therapy, athletic training, fitness and wellness, one thing has remained consistent...the neverending parade of misinformation, deception and half truths.  My company has come to reflect my ecclectic experiences and education.  We have built our company on a foundation of actual science supported by integrity and our desire to help our fellow man.  It has amazed me all these years that people will research the purchase of a home, car, even a dog and yet when it comes to our bodies, the most unbelievably complicated machine ever made, that we continue to buy whatever the 'snake oil' salesman is selling.  People will make sure that the person teaching at our schools or working on our cars is 'certified' and yet when it comes to weight loss and fitness we don't hold the same standards.  If someone looks in shape or has lost a lot of weight they 'must know what they are doing', really?  I spent nine years in college studing the functioning of the human body and now after 17 years of continued learning, I still realize there is more to learn.  The human body is the most amazing organism ever devised or created, yes I believe that God created us (but that is a discussion for a different time), the complexity of the human body and the ability to adapt to stresses is remarkable.  Yet, people are consistently willing to buy the latest silver bullet or fad to help reach their goals of improving health or losing weight or improving performance.  My goal is to utilize this blog along with a video blog, to shine a light on what is actually true and what is a bunch of nonsense.  Much like we have grown from one employee in one clinic to 12 locations with 187 employees, we will grow and learn together.  I have come to know one thing over all these years, If I don't know the answer, I know where to go get it.  I have a network of experts in various fields related to the human body that I will network together to bring the truth out.  So, 'snake oil salesmen' here comes the spot light of truth based in science, ARE YOU READY????  We will tackle the fields of athletics, physical therapy, wellness, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, pediatrics and basically the functioning of the human body.  I am excited to reach out to those outside the central valley and share my thoughts and ideas with you.  Here we go?

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