Monday, August 25, 2014

12 Ways to Assure You and Your Family gets a Chronic Disease!!

12 Ways to Assure You and Your Family gets a Chronic Disease!!

1.                  Make sedentary behavior the norm—sitting for long periods of time—is distinct from physical activity and has been shown to be a health risk in itself. We now know that long periods of inactivity are actually very harmful to the body, allowing the long hours spent playing video games, watching TV or playing on phones, without interruption will significantly increase your chances of illness.

2.                  Stock cupboards, refrigerator and freezer with processed foods.  The more processed the better.  Try to get foods high in high fructose corn syrup, fat and long lists of chemicals you can’t pronounce.   

3.                  Believe the “It’s more expensive to eat healthy” myth!  Buy lots of fast food and avoid fresh fruits and vegetables.  Thank all of the fast food and processed food providers for selling food below the cost of purchasing it.  Obviously this is the only way it would be cheaper to eat processed and fast food. 

4.                  Give in to Parkinson's Law:  ‘Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.’ Fill up all your available hours with our smartphones, Facebook, TV, videos, movies, games, etc., and that way there “isn’t enough time to exercise.”

5.                  Jump on every get skinny quick potion and program.  It’s too much to acknowledge that this journey is NOT easy, it is NOT simple, and there are no magic formulas, potions or concoctions.  It’s much better to spend lots of money on gimmicks. 

6.                  Utilize large plates and bowls while eating.  Since people are unable to estimate accurately how much they have eaten, especially if the plate or bowl it large it will assure we eat more than necessary.

7.                  Forget the Stages of Motor Learning and that Stage 1 is the ’Cognitive’ stage, which means thinking. Make fun of family members for trying to learn a new activity or skill.  I mean they look funny when first trying to learn so why not ensure they quite early.

8.                  Believe that exercise with ‘going to the gym,’ instead of just being more active.  And since it’s such a hassle to get to the gym it’s better to just stay inactive

9.                  Do not cook or bake at home using more natural sources and we go out to restaurants more often.  This ensures that you will get more calories and that kids won’t learn to cook or be involved in making different healthy dishes. 

10.              If you’re having a snack, eat directly from the package. This will ensure that you have no idea how much you actually eat.  Don’t pay attention to the serving size on the package and just guess that it’s ‘about right.’

11.              Water is boring so make sure you have lots of soda, juice and chemical rich drinks available.

12.              Don’t worry about your decisions compounding.  Sure Albert Einstein said ‘Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.’ And our bad decisions compound to lead us to bad health but I’m sure it won’t happen to you.

Americans are drowning in debt because we have entered a hyperconsumption lifestyle, without regard to its costs and nowhere is that more apparent than our health.  The percentage of adults and children who are overweight and obese continue to rise.  The percentage of adults and children who get less that recommended daily activity continues to increase.  We continue to rely on medications to help when we get sick, so, it’s only natural that we look for the pill to fix our chronic diseases of Diabetes and Heart Disease.  Sure, 80% of them are preventable but why worry about that when we can simply take a pill or five or 10.  The truth is that we don’t need this list because we are actually already very good and increasing chronic disease in our families.  So if that is your goal congratulations you are on the right path.  Soon you and your family will enjoy the full effects of Diabetes.  Think of how great it will be when you have wounds that don’t heal, that can eventually lead to amputation.  Then there’s the going blind, but even better than that is the heart disease that will soon come.  Eventually you get to spend a lot of time in doctors’ offices and hospitals. But that’s a few years off so why worry about it now. 

If on the other hand this isn’t your goal and it’s time for a change.  If you want to equip your family with the benefits of a healthy lifestyle then there are three things you must do.  Get Informed.  Get Moving and Get Better.  On September 2nd we are starting the Healthy Family Challenge.  A 12 week program that will start you on the journey to a healthy future.  For more information call (661)410-3443 or visit

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