Friday, June 27, 2014

Get off the Weightloss Rollercoaster!

I wrote the "Healthy Family Evolution" and created the program for all of you who have been riding the rollercoaster of weight loss for far too long.  Don’t get me wrong I love a good rollercoaster, the more twists, turns, loops and drops the better. The excitement of standing in line as the anticipation builds.  Finally, it’s time to lock yourself in and enjoy the ride, which ends all too soon.  But, the rollercoaster of losing weight and getting healthy is a different ride. First of all there is no excitement or anticipation to even get on the ride.  Very insidiously the weight increases over time until it finally reaches a point where it gets our or others attention, then suddenly we are thrown onto the ride. We are bombarded with solutions, concoctions, potions and programs.  We are told that it is fast and easy to lose weight so we jump on ride after ride, we lose and we gain and yet we keep ending up at the same place.  Frustration grows as we are directed by those trying to help pointing to the next great ride. The seemingly endless chase continues.  Frustration gives way to “what’s wrong with me?”  if this is so fast and easy then why am I not able to do it?  As we get older the game takes on new importance as we are faced with several life threatening chronic diseases.  The ultimate thrill ride either you conquer this foe and keep it at bay or it could cost you dearly and yet the cycle of failed attempts continues.  So, once and for all lets acknowledge that this journey is NOT easy, it is NOT simple, there are no magic formulas, potions or concoctions.  There is no silver bullet.  The good news is that through research we do have substantial knowledge in how to make a sensible, sustainable change but it comes at a price. That price is taking the steps to change your behavior and to replace old habits with new ones.  
Save the rollercoasters for the amusement parks!  Let's start evolving to better health, one decision, one day and one family at a time.  Get Informed.  Get Moving.  Get Better!!

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