Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Principles? We don't need no stinking Principles!!

It amazes me that as an industry we have moved so far away from the principle of conditioning.  From the earliest stories of Milo of Croton we have gain knowledge in the field of progressive resistive exercise.  As the science accumulated generally accepted principles of conditioning emerged.  Only now it seems we have forgotten these principles.  Before, the arrows start flying about not wanting people to exercise that isn't my point.  I'm a huge advocate of increased activity and exercise but ONLY at the appropriate level of the person doing it.  The extreme fitness programs are fantastic for people who are already in fantastic shape and want to take it to a different level.  They have already built up a solid foundation.  My concern is for those who have not exercised in years and then jump into a program that is too difficult. This is a recipe for demotivation or worse injury.  The first principle of conditioning is safety.  

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