Friday, February 7, 2014

To Thrive or Not to Thrive, that's up to you!!

The other day I learned some new research that amazed me!  I wanted to share it and see where you fall in these numbers.  So with complete honesty...
  • Only 20% of Adults feel they are thriving mentally.  Are you one of them?
  • Only 9.8% strongly agree with the statement:  "My life is close to ideal." you?
  • Only 19% strongly agree with the statement:  "I am satisfied with my life."  you?
  • Only 21% strongly agree with the statement:  "My life has a clear sense of purpose."  you?
And the Scariest one of All:
  • Only 5% regularly engage in the following habits for physical thriving:
    • Get regular exercise
    • Maintain a Healthy Weight
    • Eat the recommended allowances of Fruits and Vegetables
    • Eat healthy Fats
    • Do not smoke
    • Moderate use of alcohol
If you strongly agree with the first questions and then have the habits at the bottom congratulations you are in the select few!  If you are not then do you have a plan or strategy in place to become one of the select few? 

 If you want to learn more about setting up a plan and strategy email me at  You can sit and wait for things to happen or you can make them happen!

Get Informed.  Get Moving. and most importantly to GET BETTER! 

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